FULLAGREEN® IGC - The biocide agent

Geraniol (CAS No.: 106-24-1)

The biocide agent

In the right concentration, geraniol helps to keep away undesirable animals or in the case of insects and arachnids eliminate them. Dependent upon the concentration and method of application a wide spectrum of relevant pests and vermin can therefore be successfully controlled without using proven risky substances that accumulate in living areas and turn out to be a long term problem.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has generally recognized geraniol as safe and therefore exempt from the obligatory registration for the use of biocides. In Europe it is subject to a comprehensive examination by EU and national authorities.
As a responsible producer and distributor Fulltec AG takes part directly in the notification procedures and is therefore an »Authorized/Article 95 Source« for the biocide agent geraniol and geraniol-based finished and half-finished products (Premixes).

In 2017 the effectiveness of Fulltec’s own »representative formulas« were certified in a series of comprehensive studies by well-known international test institutes as well as global research and test teams. Detailed information of the tests and their results can be requested at


What Qualities are there?


Natural Geraniol

Especially large quantities of geraniol can be found in Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii, 70-85%). This lemon grass species does not have a lemon odour but has the sweet flowery odour of its main component the ethereal oil geraniol. Natural geraniol is gained by steam extraction from Palmarosa grass.


Synthetic Geraniol

As natural resources cannot meet the global requirements for geraniol and all of its possible applications an ultrapure synthetic geraniol is used in many areas. Synthetic geraniol is an intermediate industrial product in the production of scents and flavours e.g. citronell and citral.

notification by


Fulltec AG realized very early the potential of geraniol as a repellent and insecticide and takes an active part in the EU notification process of biocide agents. As an RP participant Fulltec AG can be found in the relative lists of ECHA as a substance and product supplier.

Active substance list of ECHA

Customers of Fulltec therefore profit from the vast experience in the targeted use of the agent, as well as the possible access to data for product registration in the near future. As synthetic and natural geraniol are considered technically equivalent both qualities are defended by Fulltec within the framework of active agent notification.

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